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I can recommend Soulregression to everyone who is ready to look inside. I have benefited a lot from it:

  • Themes I wanted to work on during the session were well worked through.
  • When I have questions I would like to ask, I can go to my Mystic Space and talk to my guide.
  • Since my Soulregression, my work abroad is flowing better. I am finding more contacts and openings.
  • Now everything flows in the now, now that I have been able to put the past to rest.
  • My planetary travels were so beautiful. While I meditate now, I travel through the cosmos more often. I have bought an astrological calendar and take the images with me in my meditations.
  • Before I have a patient, I connect with the Pleiades. Work is coming in more steadily, insights as well. I also experience more cosmic flow during my consultations.

A lot of peace and inner peace.


The Journey to my Inner Universe, the Mystic space of my Heart has given me more insight in my transformation process. I was satisfied and put at ease, and have gained a lot of insights, more confidence in myself, and am able to let my intuition guide me and stay close to my feelings. It was a wonderful and leaning experience. It surely has fulfilled my expectations.! It has all become more at ease and clearer for me.


The Journey to my Inner Universe, the Mystic space of my Heart, has met my expectations. Even more then that. Just before the session ended, I met my deceased father, whom gave me a piece of my childish joy back that I had lost in the years. It was a revelation to discover the Mystic space of my Heart and even to connect with the Highest. The journey has especially given me inner peace and the realisation that I can reach this place of utter silence whenever I need it. My life is more balanced. Downfalls can’t unbalance me anymore and I experience a deep feeling of happiness more often.

For every person who has questions about his meaning in life and the difficult tasks in his life, this is a really good thing to do. For those who want to know what is truly all is about and dare to look further than the material World around us. I think this text below summarizes it nicely:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Monique Houben conducts the session in a very professional and trusting way. She is grounded and jet she is able to let you have an insight in a World normally not enterable. With her empathic way of working and her huge experience, she is able to help her travellers with a lot of traumatic luggage, and to offer a positive solution for these experiences.


My questions have sufficiently been answered during my Journey to the Inner Universe, the Mystic space of my Heart. Now I know what is important for me to pursue. I entered the Journey with an open mind, wanted to be surprised. I have received more than I expected. On hindsight, this regression session has started a transformational process for me. It has given me a wholeness on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level. It has given me a deeper insight in old pain and it has made me aware of where it limits me now.

After the Soulregression I can focus more clearly on what still needs to be healed. It has given me a boost in the right direction. It has also given me more compassion towards myself, therefore I can accept better that everything is as it is.


I didn’t have any specific expectations and entered the session with an open mind. My questions have been answered.
For me it was a big surprise that my Inner Universe was my library, which I have entered for years now. The space from where I make all of my cosmic journeys. It was a surprise for me that I didn’t enter the space directly, but with a bypass. The direct access was broken. A regression session healed that.
The change for me is that I can much easier make contact with my masters and guides. There is a better, more direct connection between head, heart and belly (feelings).
I think that the Journey to the Inner Universe is an enrichment. It gives you an overwhelming feeling of love and home coming. It will be a revelation for many to experience this. Love, love is the base for everything, the whole universe, all that is. And through the heart we as human beings can get a glimpse of it. Wonderful!


During the Journey my questions were answered and new ones came. That is the beauty!
New paths have been opened, a visual story with a lot of signs and directions and sometimes a bit more time needed to sort them out, or to discover all of the layers. Every time I read the text again, new insights come to me. The thing that has had the most impact, is that I am allowed to enjoy what “is”  and don’t have to carry the whole world on my shoulders. Life itself does that…….receives.
Things have changed after the Soulregression. I feel more free, more me, more spontaneous.